adornments of the nicest kind

A few weeks back I bought myself a belated birthday present - this lovely green necklace from ISWAS+WILLBE.  I've never really been one for jewelry (at least not the shiny variety), but this shop is love.  Bright pops of color and natural elements are such a refreshing touch to my wardrobe.  I don't think that it will be terribly long until I find an occasion to purchase another ISWAS+WILLBE creation.  They're as sweet as pie to purchase from too. Here are some necklaces that I am coveting.

a dreamy picnic

The air is becoming tinged with an autumnal coolness, and I have realized that I've gone through the entire summer without a picnic.  I suppose that this summery delight just got away from us. With all the job-seeking and moving and new city exploring, we'd forgotten.  No more though - we simply must set aside some time for some much needed lounging and flower-picking.  Our picnic certainly won't be as dreamy as these photographs, but I think that it will be enchanting in its own small way with a baguette, some Nutella, and a bottle of homemade vanilla lemonade.  And maybe we'll find some pretty wildflowers too.
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I heart prints: the wallpaper edition

Having lived in rentals my entire adult life, sometimes I long for the permanence of a place of my own, which I could cover in as much vibrant wallpaper as I please. Prints make me happy and the busier the better. And layered prints - ah...my heart swells. It might be a little headache-inducing, but that's a small price :) Here are a few photos I've collected from the web.  Enjoy the patterns and flowery goodness!

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hiding out

Today I feel a bit like this...
And I'd like to be chilling out in here...
Reading this...
Snacking on these...
And sipping on one of these.

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margarita cupcakes make me happy

Last night we ate the last of the cupcakes. I baked them three days ago, so its kind of sad that we've  I've already gobbled them up. Anyway, onto new sweets! So, I headed to Cakespy to find something yummy to make, but then the name "Cakespy" made me think of that Nancy Sinatra song, "The Last of the Secret Agents" (he's an underwhelming kind of sleuth...he thinks James Bond is some kind of suit...). Then I started thinking of the time my best friend in high school got super angry with me for losing her Nancy Sinatra CD and then I  quit rambling and got back to cupcake business.

I decided on the margarita cupcakes for their summer appropriateness and booziness. They were super easy to make and absolutely scrumptious.  Andrew and I swallowed two right away for dessert - ahem... dinner rather.  All this after we spent the afternoon at the dentist.  I'll never learn.  Some things are just too good, like this spiked cream cheese frosting.  Oh, and the strawberry and cucumber salsa is amazing!  It was peculiar having a bite of cucumber with my cupcake, but in a totally refreshing way. Go to Cakespy to check it out (there is even an awesome illustration of a cupcake chowing down on some tortillas). And here's a picture of Nancy, who supplied the tunes that made the baking of these cakes even more fun.
Hey Nancy!  I wake up looking like that too, ahem...


yay for bicycles! boo for end of summer!

Source:  The Sartorialist
The end of summer is drawing near and I'm blue that I didn't ride my bike more.  Andrew got me a really awesome bicycle from Republic Bike.  Problem is, it's been too hot to ride and my bike is so pretty that I am scared that I will dent it up with my clumsiness.  Plus, I just really like looking at it and it's almost become a design element in our apartment.  Here are some pics from around the web of people getting their ride on in warm and cool climes.
Source:  Russian Harper's Bazaar
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Source:  Asha Fuller for Miss Dior Cherie

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C'est moi!


razzle dazzle rose

Here is an illustration of mine.  I am very fond of pretty girls with milky skin, freckly noses, and rosy cheeks.  They're oft the subject of my scribbles.  I was listening to Camera Obscura while painting, hence the lyric that wraps around my lady's coif.  I hope to make a few prints of it soon for my forthcoming etsy shop. Have a lovely afternoon!

paper cave love

I love paper crafts, so imagine my delight perusing Apartment Therapy this morning and finding these exquisite paper stalagmites and stalactites designed by Wendy Plomp (WND) and Edhv.  It is breathtaking and reminds me of a children's book illustration.  I love the simplicity of the cone design and the breadth of colors.  What is it that makes such simple elements multiplied on a grand scale so awe-inspiring?  It makes me want to hop a plane to Milan just to see it.


canned meat and apples?

Illustration by Wendy MacNaughton
I found this amusing illustration on The New York Times website recently.  I like learning some of the minutiae of my favorite authors' lives.  I suppose it makes them more real to me.  Then when I read The Great Gatsby or This Side of Paradise, I can imagine Fitz writing and going at his canned meat with his spoon, while Zelda is doing the Charleston on the kitchen table in the background.  

The Fitzgeralds have been on my mind lately.  I've been reading Nancy Milford's Zelda.  Surprisingly, they are much less charming than I had originally conceived of them as, although I am still fascinated.  So much so, that I just ordered Eleanor Lanahan's Scottie the Daughter of: The Life of Frances Scott Fitzgerald Lanahan Smith.  There isn't enough of Scottie in Milford's biography and I'm invested in what someone of such an unstable, yet genius background becomes.


My lovely husband, Andrew, adores reading Haruki Murakami. You see, Murakami is apparently a total cat-person and keeps a menagerie of cat figurines about his writing desk (or so I've heard).  Anyway, some months back I made Andrew a strange little cat figurine out of clay and named him Murakami.  I thought that he would enjoy looking at it while he worked. Murakami has an oddly flat face, minty green paws, a gold glitter-dipped tail and a braided collar that even I am envious of.  This little dude has been sitting on our desk for several months and I keep imagining him in all sorts of silly scenarios.  I think that he might appear in a mini-comic sometime in the future, but in the meantime I drew this little illustration of him.

it's so nice to meet you. {awkward curtsy}

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