canned meat and apples?

Illustration by Wendy MacNaughton
I found this amusing illustration on The New York Times website recently.  I like learning some of the minutiae of my favorite authors' lives.  I suppose it makes them more real to me.  Then when I read The Great Gatsby or This Side of Paradise, I can imagine Fitz writing and going at his canned meat with his spoon, while Zelda is doing the Charleston on the kitchen table in the background.  

The Fitzgeralds have been on my mind lately.  I've been reading Nancy Milford's Zelda.  Surprisingly, they are much less charming than I had originally conceived of them as, although I am still fascinated.  So much so, that I just ordered Eleanor Lanahan's Scottie the Daughter of: The Life of Frances Scott Fitzgerald Lanahan Smith.  There isn't enough of Scottie in Milford's biography and I'm invested in what someone of such an unstable, yet genius background becomes.

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