margarita cupcakes make me happy

Last night we ate the last of the cupcakes. I baked them three days ago, so its kind of sad that we've  I've already gobbled them up. Anyway, onto new sweets! So, I headed to Cakespy to find something yummy to make, but then the name "Cakespy" made me think of that Nancy Sinatra song, "The Last of the Secret Agents" (he's an underwhelming kind of sleuth...he thinks James Bond is some kind of suit...). Then I started thinking of the time my best friend in high school got super angry with me for losing her Nancy Sinatra CD and then I  quit rambling and got back to cupcake business.

I decided on the margarita cupcakes for their summer appropriateness and booziness. They were super easy to make and absolutely scrumptious.  Andrew and I swallowed two right away for dessert - ahem... dinner rather.  All this after we spent the afternoon at the dentist.  I'll never learn.  Some things are just too good, like this spiked cream cheese frosting.  Oh, and the strawberry and cucumber salsa is amazing!  It was peculiar having a bite of cucumber with my cupcake, but in a totally refreshing way. Go to Cakespy to check it out (there is even an awesome illustration of a cupcake chowing down on some tortillas). And here's a picture of Nancy, who supplied the tunes that made the baking of these cakes even more fun.
Hey Nancy!  I wake up looking like that too, ahem...

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