yet another reason to immigrate to scandinavia...

This post may seem out of place, considering that I have no baby and have no desire for one anytime soon. But I am a feminist and a design enthusiast, which equates to joy over the maternity package that the Finnish government sends to its pregnant citizens. It's so delightful to see gender-neutral baby product awesomeness. I also love the notion that the package changes with each year and that you can share this commonality with all the other babies that were born in your year. 

premature holiday love

I'm not really fond of holidays.  All of the fuss and high-strung family members make me want to hide.  However, this holiday season its just going to be my darling and myself and I couldn't be more pleased. So, I can't help but be excited about adorning our nest with all manner of glittery and sweet things. I'm mad for this scalloped garland and these kittens.


textile love: leah goren

I am guilty of romanticizing the past, but then I remember how lucky I feel to be part of an age where I have access to so many exquisite artists and designers. Leah Goren first caught my eye with her bacon printed fabric and from there on it's been nothing but love.  I check her shop every week and I thought it was time to share some of my current favorites.


alexa chung for madewell

Really, is there anyone cuter than Alexa Chung? Well, I think that she is as cute as a jar full of buttons. Can't be helped. I woke up extra early this morning to take a peek at her new collaboration with Madewell, and it's an explosion of adorable. I'm not too keen on all the palm print, but everything else is as lovely as lovely gets. Though, it is a shame that the price point is a bit steeper than Madewell's regular fare. C'est la vie (sigh). Anyhow, here are my five favorite looks.



A few nights ago this little film arrived in our mailbox. I'd chosen it, because I have a mad crush on Eva Green and I like the sort of woeful tales that take place in the English countryside.  It really is an ideal setting.  I expected a film full of rich detail, enviable costumes and a melodramatic plot, but there was much more to ruminate on than that.  Certainly the visuals were sumptuous and inspiring (I've been wrapping a scarf around my head ever since), but I'd never seen a film before that explored the state of inertia in such a way.  Without giving anything away, the film explores the suspended psychological state of its main character.  Andrew and I waxed poetic over this for a while that night. He related it to the teaching profession and how perhaps teaching is a choice to never leave the comforts and sense of stability of childhood. Although I'm the sort of person who never had any illusions of safety, I could relate to that longing to stay on the inside.  Anyway, enough talk - here are some beautiful film stills.


Mathilde Aubier
I've been a turdy blogger this past week (although I'm sure nary a soul has missed me). Things have felt heavy and uninspiring.  Right now I'm in a scramble to find work and nothing is panning out. I'm certain everyone can relate and yet it feels so frustrating and singular to me. I suppose we become self-centered when we're glum.  Anyway, I will be trying to blog more and consistently. Until then.


wanderlust: the reyjavik edition

The other day, I came across this watercolor and ink illustration by Kaye Blegvad and it made me long for yet another change of scene. I cannot help being nomadic. Perhaps, if I ever settled in San Francisco again, I'd stop. Probably not. Perhaps I'm restless, because I haven't traveled in awhile and it makes my heart achy. For the time being, I must satisfy myself with photographs and illustrations of Reyjavik. I've never been to Iceland, but the colorful buildings, fashionable youth, and blue lagoon look stunning. Ooh, and they have Björk too! And a Phallological Museum for those not prone to blushing. Perhaps someday I'll make it there:)
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a cup of stars

Curious thing happened the other night (perhaps only curious to me) - I was reading Shirley Jackson's "Notes for a Young Writer" and she mentioned this anecdote about a little girl who asks for her milk in a cup of stars.  A young woman sees this and starts referring to her own daydreams as "a cup of stars." The curious part is that I had a déjà vu of sorts. I swear that I've heard this grouping of words before and yet I am absolutely certain that I have never read this particular essay before. I'm in love with that phrase.  That partnered with the pool of moonlight that I sat in the other night has inspired this post.  I connect with celestial things, as I am sure most of us do.  Here are some amazing photographs, and prints and such to enjoy.

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why must you do this to me, Marais USA?

I cannot stand it!  Such loveliness and such a small purse.  Yesterday, I went over to Marais USA.  My shoe collection is absolutely pitiful and I was on the search for some yummy black shoes for fall that are a tad bit fancier than the Bass oxfords that I usually traipse around in.  What I found was too many please-take-me-home choices.  I decided that only one pair can fly off to me, so it was difficult.  Here was the lineup:
Drum roll! The first pair (the wedge) is coming to live with me, even though it was excruciating to decide.  I am in love with the ankle boots (they remind me of Swedish Hasbeen's Jodhpur, but at half the price).  It cannot be, but I will still visit them from time to time on Marais USA's beautiful website.

etsy cravings

Sadly, my present economic state prevents me from making frivolous purchases, even though my heart feels all giddy for this doll clothes case.  I mean, look at that jaunty little zebra.  It'd be perfect for stashing away old letters or fabric scraps.  Anyhow, since I cannot have it, I share it with you in hopes that it finds a loving home:)

Find it here:  Vintage Zebra Doll Clothes Case

lavender and blush

A few years back, I was enamored with Lavender Diamond's album Imagine Our Love (still am). They only released on full-length album before calling it quits and moving on, but this album is timeless love. I never tire of it. Anyhow, this morning I was over at where the lovely things are, and I spotted the work of Ana Montiel. Her use of collage and dreamy, washed out colors conjured an immediate recall of Imagine Our Love's cover art.  Perhaps it's all the lavender and blush shades - I'm not sure. It's lovely all the same
P.S. Speaking of tunes, yesterday I discovered that St. Vincent has a new album - Strange Mercy. You ought to check it out:)


nam nam garr! i like monsters

Excerpt from Eleanor Davis' "Seven Sacks"
I have a penchant for the slightly grotesque. As a little one, I would sketch all sorts of furry outlaws.  Perhaps I feel empathy for the monster figure (several readings of Frankenstein can account for that). Or perhaps I am attracted to the subversive nature of the monster. Anyhow, I'd like to share a few lovely monstrosities with you from two artists - Caroline Gaedechens and Jennifer Davis.
P.S. If you're ever in need of a fine read, please check out John Gardner's Grendel.