A few nights ago this little film arrived in our mailbox. I'd chosen it, because I have a mad crush on Eva Green and I like the sort of woeful tales that take place in the English countryside.  It really is an ideal setting.  I expected a film full of rich detail, enviable costumes and a melodramatic plot, but there was much more to ruminate on than that.  Certainly the visuals were sumptuous and inspiring (I've been wrapping a scarf around my head ever since), but I'd never seen a film before that explored the state of inertia in such a way.  Without giving anything away, the film explores the suspended psychological state of its main character.  Andrew and I waxed poetic over this for a while that night. He related it to the teaching profession and how perhaps teaching is a choice to never leave the comforts and sense of stability of childhood. Although I'm the sort of person who never had any illusions of safety, I could relate to that longing to stay on the inside.  Anyway, enough talk - here are some beautiful film stills.

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