a cup of stars

Curious thing happened the other night (perhaps only curious to me) - I was reading Shirley Jackson's "Notes for a Young Writer" and she mentioned this anecdote about a little girl who asks for her milk in a cup of stars.  A young woman sees this and starts referring to her own daydreams as "a cup of stars." The curious part is that I had a déjà vu of sorts. I swear that I've heard this grouping of words before and yet I am absolutely certain that I have never read this particular essay before. I'm in love with that phrase.  That partnered with the pool of moonlight that I sat in the other night has inspired this post.  I connect with celestial things, as I am sure most of us do.  Here are some amazing photographs, and prints and such to enjoy.

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  1. Hi! Tooling around from BYW, and this post in particular struck my fancy! Lovely blog, my dear! xo, Lauren