wanderlust: the reyjavik edition

The other day, I came across this watercolor and ink illustration by Kaye Blegvad and it made me long for yet another change of scene. I cannot help being nomadic. Perhaps, if I ever settled in San Francisco again, I'd stop. Probably not. Perhaps I'm restless, because I haven't traveled in awhile and it makes my heart achy. For the time being, I must satisfy myself with photographs and illustrations of Reyjavik. I've never been to Iceland, but the colorful buildings, fashionable youth, and blue lagoon look stunning. Ooh, and they have Björk too! And a Phallological Museum for those not prone to blushing. Perhaps someday I'll make it there:)
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  1. I went to Iceland last september and L-O-V-E-D it! The flight is only like 5 hours from Boston and everyone is so friendly there. I stayed in Reyjavik and had daily expeditions as far as I could get to in a day. Save up some money and go girl! It's worth it :).