why must you do this to me, Marais USA?

I cannot stand it!  Such loveliness and such a small purse.  Yesterday, I went over to Marais USA.  My shoe collection is absolutely pitiful and I was on the search for some yummy black shoes for fall that are a tad bit fancier than the Bass oxfords that I usually traipse around in.  What I found was too many please-take-me-home choices.  I decided that only one pair can fly off to me, so it was difficult.  Here was the lineup:
Drum roll! The first pair (the wedge) is coming to live with me, even though it was excruciating to decide.  I am in love with the ankle boots (they remind me of Swedish Hasbeen's Jodhpur, but at half the price).  It cannot be, but I will still visit them from time to time on Marais USA's beautiful website.

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  1. Oh I love these shoes ! I discover your blog with a great pleasure !