yet another reason to immigrate to scandinavia...

This post may seem out of place, considering that I have no baby and have no desire for one anytime soon. But I am a feminist and a design enthusiast, which equates to joy over the maternity package that the Finnish government sends to its pregnant citizens. It's so delightful to see gender-neutral baby product awesomeness. I also love the notion that the package changes with each year and that you can share this commonality with all the other babies that were born in your year. 


  1. i'm with you there!

    Visiting via byw. xx

  2. Got one of those! I got last year's package but the bib was the same then. You can imagine my surprise seeing it here!

    Gotta love those taxes that make this and so many other good things available to us!

    Laura from Finland, visiting via BYW

  3. I'm surprised about that too, Laura, but its so cute anyway.