d*s book signing + handmade printing loveliness

Last week I had the delight of attending Grace Bonney's book signing for Design* Sponge at Home. It was loads of fun - I made a sweet friend, I hand-stamped a tote, and met lovely Grace (who is remarkably tiny in person). I felt much too rushed and anxiety-ridden during the demo though, so my tote ended up looking kind of sloppy. However, I had learned a nifty craft and I knew that I would attempt stamping again in my own decidedly quiet space.
So, I hopped over to the craft store the other day and bought some Martha Stewart craft paint and some adhesive-backed foam. For this project, I decided to stamp some muslin for a throw pillow. I used Martha's Hailstorm and Blue Calico, as well as a fabric medium.
I then drew a loose outline of a fox head onto my foam in pencil. I refined it a bit and then cut it out using a very sharp pair of scissors and stuck it onto my cardboard. I measured my stamp and calculated how large my piece of fabric ought to be if I wanted five rows and five columns.
I mixed up my paint and fabric medium (2:1) in two shot glasses and started loading up my stamp with a brush. I like the way that you can see the brush strokes in my print, however, if you'd like to avoid that, you can just load your stamp with a more even coat of paint.
And that, my darling readers, is that! Here is the finished fabric.
I don't have a sewing machine, so I am going to have to hand-stitch this baby. Bleh, sewing can be such a drag, but what's a girl to do when she wants throw pillows, damn it:)

Grace's book is really tops and I highly recommend it. I'm just so happy to have a hard-copy collection of her Sneek Peek feature. The crafts are pretty great and seem fairly easy too.

Well, I'm off. I hope that all of you have a mischievous Halloween tomorrow. I will be in Charlotte with my sweetie doing serious grown-up things (Andrew has an interview). Until next time;)


  1. So excited that you got to meet Grace... and that you made a friend!
    Love the printing tht you did. I have fantasies about great craft stores, things like that are lacking in my part of the world.
    Good luck hand sewing xxx

  2. Uh... love Grace!! I had the pleasure of meeting her in Dallas at a book signing and was also amazed at how tiny she is!

    So glad you got to take advantage of the same opportunity!

    (By the way, I'm visiting from BYW. Thanks for sharing your homework... I'm really enjoying browsing through the work of fellow classmates!)

  3. Oh, lovely fox! Nice work...I'm wishing I had that book.

  4. She came to Charleston last Wednesday so I got to meet her too!! I had to work until 6 so didn't get to go early for the crafty part but I enjoyed meeting her and she is tiny in person! :) love the fox stamp too!

  5. Yep -putting that book on my wish list too ( along with some adhesive backed foam ! ) Hi from BYW :)

  6. found you via BYW. I love the name of your blog. It's one of my favorites. I will bookmark your blog and I'm looking forward to future posts. Teri

  7. Thanks, Teri! That is so sweet of you to say.

  8. Grace is awesome! I met her at the D*Sponge Seattle event. Love your hand-stamped bag. I'm from BYW :)