sweet pup gear

That cutie above is our little Kessie. I'm usually thoroughly disappointed by the garish offerings I find in most pet stores, but recently I discovered two pretty shops that fit my aesthetic.  The first is blinkthings, which carries the nicest rope leashes and brushed brass pet tags in organic shapes.
The second is Mungo & Maud, which carries both dog and cat products that are beautifully designed, graceful and subdued. One of my favorites is their "mishap" spray. It makes me laugh, because that is such an elegant name for what we just call "pee" spray around here. These are some of my favorites.

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  1. that is such a pretty cat bed. i think it is so hard to find non-ugly-cat-interior. (i have a pinterest board dedicated just to this topic)
    frieda, a fellow BYW student