a little spot of hermes orange

I have a habit of squirreling away pretty packaging. I cannot help it. I have a little strawberry-covered suitcase that I bought in Paris that contains an interior pocket packed with small Chanel, Dior and Versace shopping bags and boxes. I love the care that goes into packaging a purchase in a luxury shop - the way that trinkets are carefully wrapped in tissue and ribbon. Its just so lovely that I suppose I like to keep those labors of the shop-girl as a reminder.

One brand's packaging that I covet is Hermes. That vibrant orange says "I contain beautiful things." I couldn't imagine hiding away an Hermes box, if I had one. I love the way that some people incorporate that promising orange into their decor. These are a couple of examples that work marvelously.
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  1. I agree - it so exciting to receive or purchase something that has had so much care put into it. Love the colors :)


  2. Wow! My heart just skipped a beat! I love the first picture!

  3. oh my I LOVE that purple settee :)